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Be a value giver!



Hi, Lorraine Menza here, and in this video/blog I am going to talk about internet marketing.  Do you under promise and over deliver?  Most people do not.  If you think of most politicians, they over promise and under deliver!  Or they do not deliver at all, it is all about what they want and what benefits them or their agenda.  Some internet marketers are like those politicians.  It is all about making money, promising unrealistic things, and then they don’t deliver what a marketer does need.


The reason why I mention this, is most people would love to find a mentor or a group of people who are ready to lift you up and help you with your internet marketing business.  They do it without an agenda; they do it because it is the right thing to do!  They do it because they treat you like they want to be treated with respect, with getting a lift up, with giving information that will help you with your internet marketing business.  


Well, I have found this in the academy that I am a member of this that was inspired and created by Paul Hutchings and Mike Hobbs.  They are successful internet marketers that believe in principle centered leadership.  Here are some of the ways that they over deliver…..


The Think and Grow Rich Mastermind is a call that you can be part of Monday through Friday 9 am EST.  Not only are you able to be a part of people who are in the trenches like you are, this Mastermind has authors, speakers, athletes, real estate millionaires, 6-7 figure marketers, and everyday people who want to better their lives and their businesses.  This call goes over a reading by Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich and then everyone participates with their experiences, their ideas, or their thoughts.  It is very inspiring and helps improve mindset on a daily basis!


Not only does this Mastermind call available Monday through Friday; the academy over delivers by making available over 6 years of this call!  Six years of valuable mindset material, that you can listen to.  If you cannot be a part of the 9 am Mastermind you can listen to the replays!


Another way that Paul and Mike over deliver is to provide trainings for beginners and for those who need more advanced skills.  The youtube trainings that they have just completed has 15 videos.  Mike and Paul have pooled all their resources and have spent over $10,000 on youtube trainings, and they are taking the best of the best that will help one to make a video and a channel that is getting views on youtube.


There are many trainings in the back office of the academy, that help the beginner or experienced marketer.  They are constantly adding to the academy.  The academy trainings can be used toward any internet marketing business that you are in!  You can also be an affiliate of the academy.  It is free to be an affiliate.


As an affiliate, you make 80% of the commissions.  That is very unusual and unheard of when it comes to commissions.  When another person joins underneath you, you receive a $100 commission.  Some of the money earned by the academy goes to feed hungry children around the world.  


Most marketing programs will infer that you can make thousands of dollars a month!  That isn’t the case with the academy.  Mike and Paul believe that no one should ever over promise.  I am not saying that it is not possible to make a lot of money with the academy; I am saying don’t make big promises to other people.  It can lead to discouragement if they are not seeing the big bucks right away.  


So it really is about under promise and over deliver.  When you do this consistently using the training ideas from the Academy;  you are more aligned to being successful than not!


Be a value giver!





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