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Hi, Lorraine Menza here, and in this video/blog I am going to talk about internet marketing grow your business.  The weather has been uncommonly warm in the the Chicago land area; we have had several days of 67 degrees in the month of February.  What does this have to do with internet marketing?  I was cutting back some of my bushes so that they would be more manageable to trim in the spring/summer time.  As I cut away at a branch, I looked at it and thought, “An internet marketing business needs to be like this branch.


This branch had many side branches shooting off from the main branch.  I also cut back on a single branch that had no growth and offshoot branches.   The branch with all the offshoots was obviously healthier and more successful at growth.  Your internet business should also be successful at growth.  Many things were responsible for the growth of that branch…. sun, water, soil, root system, and nutrients.  The branch had to rely on these things for growth.  Your internet business needs to rely on things for growth.


It needs to rely on your mindset, your successful action steps, and your ability to deliver value to others.  You have to successfully approach others to show your business opportunity.  Other things that will help are hanging out with like minded people.  People who have a similar purpose and vision and are willing to share ideas that are directed toward this goal.  


I have been fortunate because I found such a group.  Daily, I listen to the Think and Grow Rich phone call led by Paul Hutchings.  He reads passages from Napoleon Hill’s book, and gives his own take on it.  Other people join in and share life experiences, quotes, laughter, stories, and just plain great advice when it comes to growing a business, an internet marketing business.  


As a member of this business academy, I have access to the daily phone calls and a 6 years worth of audios of  The Think and Grow Rich phone call.  It is very inspiring and uplifting!  I also have access to a website that has trainings that are divided into two sections.  Simple skillsets that are low tech and more advanced skillsets that are high tech that you can grow your internet marketing business.  The skillset trainings are constantly being added to, in fact there has been a youtube skillset training with over 15 videos.  The leaders Paul Hutchings and Mike Hobbs are experienced, successful internet marketers who have a vision of freeinga 100 families a year.  Paul and Mike believe in principle centered leadership; they want us to over deliver and under promise.  Quite a unique concept in today’s society.


Once a week there is a mastermind, and all the replays are in the back office of the business academy.  You can use all the skillsets in your own internet marketing business, or you can be an affiliate of the academy and make money, or you can do both!  They are willing to constantly grow the trainings or skillsets of the academy.  Both of them have spent 1000’s of dollars on trainings and are willing to share what they have learned.


Going back to the two branches, one with growth, and the other a single branch, your internet marketing business can not grow without mindset, without a support group of like minded people, without new skillsets, and without the ability to bounce around ideas with these like minded people.  If you are not doing the above in your internet marketing business, you will be like the single branch with no growth.  Find out more about the academy, click on the link below!


Growth in your internet business



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