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Hi, Lorraine Menza here, and in this video/blog I am going to talk about The Think and Grow Rich Mastermind and how it helps with mindset.  I listen to this phone call which is available Monday through Friday at 9 am EST.  Paul Hutchings host the phone call.  He reads passages from the Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, and then gives his take on it.  It draws all kinds of people.  People who want to make changes in their lives and grow financial freedom.  Some of the people on the call are  authors, top performing home business professionals, professional sport athletes, millionaires, real estate moguls, and everyday ordinary people wanting to make a change. 


It can help change mindset and make one take action towards their goals.  Mindset is 80% of everything that we do to create our success.  This mastermind is a gathering of like minds; people who believe in financial freedom.  People who look forward to step into that freedom.  This mastermind call uses principles to help grow this type of achievement.


This mastermind encourages everyone to work harder on developing themselves as it brings value to the marketplace.  Everyday different people state daily their major definite purpose which is given to you from Napoleon Hill.   This mastermind  gives nuggets from various different people sharing their life experience, their business experience and helps a person feel that they are not alone, that they have various mentors.  If you have a question, you can ask it.  This shared mentorship of the the mastermind call is helping to change lives together.


Continually listening to this mastermind call will helps change the way a person thinks.  Our paradigm is the thoughts we have toward things.  So it can help change your paradigm!  This mastermind call is your Monday through Friday personal development of your mindset!  It helps a person to get ready for the day and take action toward your goal.  It is a mood enhancer!!!


Many ideas shared are life changing and help inspire a person.  This mastermind encourages persistence and never giving up on your dream.  It encourages one to avoid procrastination and indecision.  It proposes solutions and courses of action.  This is a community of learning and growing together and believe in living a purpose filled life based on principles.  


If you want to tune into great thoughts, great ideas, and help you shape the way you see the world, while developing a strong personal philosophy, and study the laws of success.  These shared experiences and ideas helps sculpt the way we see our world.


If you want to be a part of this, I am going to leave a link below, so you can experience what this mastermind is all about.  If you want to better yourself, and learn how to go toward your dream, come to the mastermind, and click the link below!




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